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​In the tool and die manufacturing trade, there are many tools required that enable the work to be done efficiently and expertly. Over the years of experimenting with various methods of work, BMS Company has developed some highly specialized tools and fixtures. These tools and fixtures are 100% made in the United States. This initial offering of items for sale will be expanded as we add more specialized tools to out product line. We look forward to having the opportunity demonstrate our commitment to quality and excellence that you will discover in our custom built tooling. In order to purchase from us, please use our contact page to send me your requirements. If preferred I can send an invoice via Paypal, or if you fill out our credit application we will be happy to offer net 30 day terms to qualifying customers. All of our tooling is made to order, with the exception of the sine dressers which we try to keep on hand if possible. We will quote the delivery of your tooling upon receipt of you order request. In addition we can custom design and build any tooling specific to your needs. Whether machine fixtures or spare parts, to custom tooling for unique requirements in your manufacturing realm. With our Solidworks 3D design software, 3D SLA printing capability and complete tool & die manufacturing equipment, we can take you idea or sketch and manufacture your specific tooling, fixture or other device.

Indexer Sine Plate Fixture

This USA custom made indexer sine plate allows you to use your indexer to grind angles on your work pieces without the need to use a magnetic sine plate underneath it which increases the weight on your grinder and reduces the working height under the wheel as the stack up of tooling consumes the space. The sine plate is made using hardened A2 tool steel for the top and bottom plates and the rolls are hardened O1 tool steel. The top plate is reversible on the base rolls to allow the angle to be set to a positive or negative incline depending upon the work requirements. The stationary roll has .2000" step on each end for setting minor angles and the sine plate locks on both sides allow accurate angle setting without twisting the top plate. These are custom made to fit the bolt pattern of your Whirli-Gig and the rails are designed to locate the Whirli-Gig on the center of the top plate. Please allow 5 weeks for manufacture and shipment from order, and upon supplying the bolting requirements and base width for your Whirli-Gig. The base plate is 6" x 6", the top plate is 6" x 12" and the rolls are at 5" centers for sine setting with gage blocks. Whirli-Gig pictured for demonstration purposes only and is not included with the sine plate. You get the complete sine plate, two rails, and two locks. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee plus shipping since they are custom made to suit your equipment.

Priced at just $2,500.00 US

Surface Grinder Sine Dresser

This Sine Dresser is far superior to imported knock offs in quality of materials and workmanship. The main components are made from heat treated A2 and S7 tool steel. All hardware items are US made, and the dresser is 100% US manufactured. In the horizontal position it can be used to dress an angle on the bottom of a grinding wheel or left running flat to be used as a slide diamond. The included vertical base plate allows the dresser to be used to dress an angle on the side of the grinding wheel or it can be set in a negative angle to back dress a relief angle on a wheel for side wheel grinding. The diamond holder allows the use of either 1/8" or 1/4" dresser diamonds, but are not included with the dresser. As you can see in the photos the roll pins are precisely designed so that you always add .2000" to the calculated sine gage block stack up. This allows for setting of minute angles without having to purchase expensive thin gage block sets and also provides for the back dress capability in the vertical set up.

Priced at just $499.00 US

Surface Grinder Steady Rest

When grinding small diameter pins in a spin fixture like a Newbould, Harig Grind-All etc..., one of the biggest problems for pins less than 1/4" diameter is holding them steady. When you grind them they bounce and move and make accurate grinding very difficult. This fixture corrects that problem. By holding the pin from three sides, bounce and chatter are virtually eliminated allowing precise, good finish results. Properly set up and adjusted this fixture will hold your pins to less than .0002" total indicator reading. The fixture is made entirely in our US tool shop, so the quality and accuracy is guaranteed. The main plates are made from hard anodized 6160 Aluminum. The jaws and blocks are made from prehard 4140 steel. The rollers on the roller jaws are 1/4" diameter, rated for 60,000 RPM and 15 pounds axial load, more than necessary for this purpose. The hardware items are alloy steel. These fixtures are custom made to order and require 5 -6 weeks to complete. Please provide your center height and C/L dimension and what bolting pattern your unit allows for attaching accessories so we can make a perfect fit for your unit. The fixture also comes with a set of oil impregnated brass jaws to allow holding pins smaller than 1/16" which cannot work with the rollers as they would counter rotate against each other. This unit works very well on surface grinders that use a 7" diameter grinding wheel or larger. Smaller wheels would need to be offset towards the fixture to allow clearance for the wheel nut, but we have used this unit with a high speed head attachment on the grinder with a small diameter wheel for detail or internal grinding purposes.

Priced at just $900.00 US

​Milling Machine Modular Vise fits Taig, Sherline, Others

Finally a solution for holding work-pieces of a variety of sizes on your table top milling machine. The milling machines come with generous x axis travel, but until now there has not been a way to easily take advantage of that capacity. Introducing the MVT-1 vise made in the USA by BMS Company located in NW Pennsylvania. The modular vise uses the table of the machine as the base of the vise, with the stationary jaw and heel block using accurately fitted T-slot nuts for the alignment of the vise. The stationary jaw is placed in the appropriate position and then indicated square and true to the Y axis of the machine using an indicator in the spindle of your machine. Once the stationary jaw is securely positioned, the movable jaw and heel can be slid to a suitable position depending upon the size of the work-piece to be held. Once the position is determined simply tighten the cap screws to secure the heel in position, and draw the movable jaw screws down finger tight to prevent jaw lift. That's it, insert your work-piece in the vise and snug the vise movable jaw by tightening the screw handle. As can be seen in the photos, you can use a variety of stop types with the MVT-1, that are not supplied with the vise. The top slot accommodates commercially available stops that utilize the slot to position the stop, or the pin type stop shown is available from several tool supply companies. The MVT-1 jaws and heel are made from 4140 alloy steel that is stress relieved and gas nitirided. They are precision ground to .0002"/inch parallel and square for accurate positioning and repeatability. The MVT-1 vise weighs just 7 pounds to reduce wear on your machine ways. Purchased vise handles may vary as these are purchased items and styles and types do vary. The units are custom made to order and require 5 weeks for completion. Since they are custom made, the 2" t-Slot center to center dimension can be adjusted to fit other machines as needed. The actual measurement of the t-slots on the machine pictured was 2.003" center to center so the slots in the jaws were adjusted accordingly. The stationary jaw measures 3.5"L x 1.775"H x 2.000"D The movable jaw and heel measure 3.5"L x 1.775"H x 1.750".

​Priced at just $600.00