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BMS Tool & Die Services

BMS Company now offers an in house tool room equipped to handle mold repairs, spare tooling manufacture, and low cavitation molds or prototypes. We have completed the purchase and installation of the equipment necessary to offer CNC Milling, EDM Electrode Machining, manual milling, manual turning, precision grinding, sinker EDM and  polishing. We offer your choice of Pro-Engineer 3D or Solidworks 3D design. We also utilize AutoDesk Fusion 360 for modeling and CAM (computer aided machining) purposes.

This additional internal capability allows us to better serve our customers by offering local, well experienced and capable tool and die work for your tooling needs.

For larger projects or high cavitation molds, we will be involved in your project from start to finish and will supervise the design and the build portion of your program. We would complete as much of the work internally as possible but would utilize our extensive network of product and mold designers, mold builders and molding companies to assist us in the overall scope of work that is needed. 

Here is just a partial list of the services we offer for the Tooling and Injection Molding industries we serve;

  • 3D Product Design in Solidwoks or Pro-Engineer software.
  • Product Design Consultation- This can be purchased as a standalone service or comes bundled with our design and build packages of services for injection molds.
  • Rapid FDM Functional Part Modeling- working with our FDM partner, we can usually have  from one to several FDM samples of your part completed very quickly and very reasonably. This allows you to see, touch and experiment with your concept quickly. We can also create FDM parts on complex planes of geometry to evaluate tooling soultions to complex part geometries.
  • Mold Design Consultation- This also can be purchased as a standalone service or comes bundled with our design and build packages of services for injection molds.
  • Mold Design- We offer complete mold design services in either Solidworks 2016 or Pro-Engineer Creo 3D software. Our designs are collaborated on with the customers, hot runner suppliers, and injection molders that will be part of the project team. The final design received by the customer as the mold goes into production reflects the as built design with all changes and adjustments required through the build and qualification process included. This means any replacement parts or repairs can be completed using the original design drawings supplied with the mold. Also, our designs are the property of our customer, and even though we maintain a copy of your design for archival protection, you will have every model, drawing and machining program associated with the build of your mold.
  • We also offer 3D printed tooling for prototype purposes for molded parts that have a minimum of mechanical features and are basically open and shut designs. We can use our 3D printing technology coupled with our Solidworks and Fusion software to develop the tooling and produce printed toolingn using Hi Temp resin that withstands up to 600F temperatures.

You can send requests to my email at You can also fax any requests or information to (267) 313-1172.

I look forward to working with you on your tooling projects,


Daniel W. Jepson